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Styrofoam STR Sheet D-16
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Styrofoam STR Sheet D-16

Styrofoam is a material that has another name polystyrene is a material that is widely used for various purposes everyday. In accordance with other epoch polystyrene is a material maker of styrofoam which added dioktiplaktat and butyl hydroxy toluene. Styrofoam Material The sheet itself has the characteristics of a material that can produce strong, rigid, opaque or light and tight material. Although this material has a deficiency that is easily broken does not reduce the user enthusiasts. One of the styrofoam material is much chosen and used is because the simple bahara easy to get and the selling price of cheap styrofoam. Type styrofoam any current can be tailored to the needs such as styrofoam for the needs of the industry is certainly different from styrofoam as a container for food.

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